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Burdekin Productivity Services



The Rural Water Use Efficiency – Irrigation Futures program wrapped up in June 2018. It has now been replaced by the Farm Water Futures program. This program will run for 3 years.

Under the Farm Water Futures program the Queensland Government is providing funding to key irrigator groups to support:

  • Partnerships with industry and member organisations to deliver one-on-one water efficiency support and advice to farmers
  • On ground adoption of rural water use efficient activities, while working towards a self-sufficient funding model over the 3 year period.

Canegrowers were successful in securing funding for irrigation improvements in the sugar industry. BPS has been contracted to provide on the ground activities (primarily extension support) in the Burdekin.

For more information contact Marian Davis on 0428 927 079 or mdavis@bps.net.au


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Burdekin Productivity Services