Burdekin Productivity Services
Burdekin Productivity Services


All members are encouraged to utilise the services offered by BPS either by visiting our office at 210 Old Clare Road or contacting us. We ask that you try to contact staff during our standard business hours: Monday to Friday, 7am – 4pm, unless the matter is urgent.

BPS staff

  • 1 Manager of Productivity Services.
  • 1 Company Secretary/Commercial Manager.
  • 1 Extension Agronomist, 1 Extension Agronomist Trainee, 2 Extension Officers and 1 Extension GIS Officer.
  • 4 on-ground Field Officers, servicing 4 Burdekin milling districts.


Rob Milla

Rob Milla – BEng(Agriculture) 

Rob leads the BPS team and has a strong background in practical agronomy and extension. Rob joined the team in early 2013 after the board made a strategic decision to provide technical agronomic advice  to growers. Rob can assist growers with agronomic advice relating to crop nutrition, irrigation and farming systems. Rob has held various roles in the Burdekin region including Sugar Systems Officer at DAFF  (former DPI), Reef Extension Officer (DPI) and as extension officer at BSES. Rob has collaborated with other industry professionals and has a number of published papers.Rob can be contacted to discuss any  matter relating to agronomy, farming systems or trial results and is an accredited NAA advisor.

Mobile: 0490 036 329
Email: rmilla@bps.net.au

Mark Rickards

Mark Rickards 

Mark serves as the link to the board of directors and provides administrative assistance to assist directors in fulfilling their obligations. In his role as commercial manager he is responsible for finance and  administration, community relations and membership management.He has a strong background in relation to business management and supervision of staff. He has trained, and has knowledge covering  corporate governance, risk, and safety. Mark can be contacted to discuss any matter relating to the administration, finance and membership of BPS.

Mobile: 0427 834 800
Email: mrickards@bps.net.au


Marian Davis

Marian Davis 

Marian joined the BPS team as the RWUE-IF extension officer in July 2014. Marian has had extensive sugarcane experience after working as a development and extension officer for SRA/BSES in both the Burdekin and Innisfail. As the RWUE-IF project officer Marian has a focus on providing irrigation information and support to growers. She is also able to provide advice on all other aspects of sugarcane agronomy and production.Marian can be contacted for RWUE-IF funding or for general irrigation and agronomic advice and is an accredited NAA advisor.

Mobile: 0428 927 079
Email: mdavis@bps.net.au


Terry Granshaw

Terry Granshaw 

The board and management of BPS are pleased to announce the employment of an extension officer to drive the SmartCane BMP program in the Burdekin. Terry grew up on the family farm at Dalbeg and comes  with 25 plus years of experience in all aspects of sugarcane farming from planting, right through to contract harvesting. Known as an innovator, he has experimented with different farming systems and harvesting procedures during that time. He is also well versed in farm data recording, GPS setup and use, irrigation and spray application practices. This experience will prove vital in the new role, please contact Terry if you wish to get involved in the Smartcane BMP program.Terry’s position will be funded by the Queensland Government through CANEGROWERS Queensland and the SmartCane BMP program.

Mobile: 0437 553 149
Email: tgranshaw@bps.net.au


Leigh Chapple

Leigh Chapple 

Leigh has joined BPS after a long period in the water supply industry and has a good understanding of the Invicta area. Prior to this, he worked for the Technical Field Department at Kalamia Mill helping out with variety trials and also general farm work. After working alongside farmers for a long period, he understands the challenges they face and the level of service that is require to keep their business moving forward. Leigh can be contacted for any issues or concerns you might have and he will source the right answer from the expertise available at BPS.

Mobile: 0427 372 124
Email: lchapple@bps.net.au


Wayne Johnstone

Wayne Johnstone 

Wayne recently joined B.P.S in May. He grew up on the family farm and has farm experience in sugarcane farming and harvesting. Wayne has an eager interest in agriculture and is looking forward to assisting growers to enhance their productivity and profitability however possible.

Mobile: 0407 960 057
Email: wjohnstone@bps.net.au



Ashley Taran (Wheeler) 

Ashley has been working at BPS since September 2014.  She has recently changed areas from Pioneer to Inkerman. Ashley can be contacted for any plant source inspections, pest, disease and variety advice and the distribution of approved seed cane in the Inkerman area. She is very passionate about agriculture and has completed her Diploma of Agriculture. Ashley is also an accredited machinery inspector.

Email: ataran@bps.net.au



Cherrie Johnson

Cherrie Johnson 
Trainee Extension Agronomist

Cherrie recently joined the BPS team as a Trainee Extension Agronomist to continue Tiffany’s work on project Nemo. Cherrie is very passionate about agriculture and is  currently undertaking a Bachelor of Agribusiness majoring in Rural Science through The University of New England. She is keen to utilise her studies and general farming knowledge to assist growers to improve their productivity and profitability however possible.

Mobile: 0447 069 887
Email: cjohnson@bps.net.au




Madeline Molino

Madeline Molino 

Madeline has started at BPS early this year. Maddy is a  local girl, she is passionate about farming and has grown up around farming in the Burdekin and with her father who works for the local water board. Maddy has had general knowledge and experience during the sugar cane crushing season with local farmers.  She is keen to learn along the way as well as assist growers to enhance their productivity and profitability however possible.

Mobile: 0407 167 159
Email: mmolino@bps.net.au


David Paine

David Paine 

Dave has a vast practical knowledge in relation to pest and disease advice, variety selection advice and can also provide ground level analysis to growers based on his farming background. He has grown up on the family farm and actively manages it’s operations in addition to his role at BPS. Dave has a Diploma in Agriculture from AACC and his industry knowledge and farming skills allow a first class service to growers. Dave can be contacted to discuss any matter relating to pests, diseases, varieties, or the distribution of approved seed in the Kalamia and Pioneer area. Dave is also responsible for Itch Grass and is an accredited machinery inspector.

Mobile: 0427 167 159
Email: dpain@bps.net.au


Jasmine Connolly 
Extension Officer

Jasmine grew up in the outback mining town of Mt Isa where she completed her schooling and then moved to Townsville to study at James Cook University. She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of   Science double majoring in zoology, ecology and conserv ation. Although she may have no previous agricultural experience, she is keen to learn and passionate about connecting with farmers.

Mobile: 0438 934 601
Email: Jconnolly@bps.net.au




Claire Bailey

Extension GIS Officer


Claire has been involved in the Sugar Industry since 2010 working mainly in the Wet Tropics for both milling companies and Productivity Services. The role that Claire has taken with BPS is focusing on precision agriculture and new technologies. She is keen to learn all aspects of the Burdekin region and work with growers to achieve their goals.

Mobile: 0437134043
Email: cbailey@bps.net.au



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