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Burdekin Productivity Services

Machinery Movement

Sugar cane plants or machinery cannot be moved between biosecurity zones without an inspector’s approval and certificate. Refer to the PQA-Map-2017

Machinery Movement

Burdekin Productivity Services has trained inspectors who are capable of performing machinery inspections and issuing certificates for machinery movement.

BPS has adopted the following system for machinery inspections:

  1. Ring the inspector to arrange a time for inspection, which should be at least 48 hours prior to the machine’s departure to ensure the approval process is completed. Please complete the application to move sugar cane appliances form.
  2. Make sure the machinery is thoroughly cleaned before inspector arrives. The checklist shows the critical points that will be inspected.
  3. Machinery that does not meet inspection standards will not be issued a certificate. An inspector may request further cleaning and a follow up inspection may be required where the machine requires numerous things to be completed.

Movement of Sugar Cane Plant Material

For approval to move sugar cane plants between biosecurity zones you will need to contact DAF on 13 25 23.


Inspection Checklist 

Come Clean Go Clean Fact Sheet


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