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Burdekin Productivity Services

Irrigation Management

Grower Irrigation Tools

A range of tools are available to growers for measuring and recording irrigation application and efficiency. If you require any assistance with your irrigation, contact the BPS staff.

A range of irrigation information sheets are available on the SRA website. The following may be of particular interest:

BPS has also developed a limited allocation information sheet.

Automation of furrow irrigation information sheets:



Irrigweb is a sugarcane irrigation scheduling and record keeping tool that has been developed for the Australian sugar industry. Access is being provided to all Burdekin growers at no cost, thanks to support from the Rural Water Use Efficiency – Irrigation Futures project. The primary function of IrrigWeb is to provide scheduling advice, however it is also an excellent record keeping tool for recording irrigation volumes and dates. For more information please contact the RWUE extension officer, Marian Davis (mdavis@bps.net.au or 0428 927 079).

SISCO Assessments

SISCO is a tool for assessing and optimising furrow irrigation efficiency. It involves measuring the water advance of an actual irrigation event using special sensors. The information from the sensors is used along with details about the furrow shape, row length and inflow rate to determine how much water is being applied per irrigation. The program also provides an estimate of the volume of water that is being lost as either runoff or deep drainage. If you are interested in getting a SISCO assessment done contact one of the BPS extension agronomists.


BPS Services

  • Extension advice
  • SISCO assessments
  • Pump flow assessments
  • Irrigation assessments
  • G-dot installation
  • Water testing

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