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Seed Cane Distributions Plots

Approved seed cane is a key component of disease management in sugar cane. All growers are strongly encouraged to purchase approved seed cane each year. BPS has the largest seed cane distribution plot network in the Australian sugar industry with 6 distribution plots capable of distributing up to 4000 tonnes of approved seed each year. BPS continues to look at tissue culture as a way of propagating new varieties.

The seed cane distribution poster illustrates how BPS handles the cane to get it to the point of distribution.

The variety release timeline illustrates the length of time it takes for a new variety to reach the point of distribution. This timeline may seem to be a long process but it is required to ensure that there is good data and the variety will produce the results that meet growers’ requirements.

To order approved seed cane, contact your Field Officer. If you wish to view the plots, you mush contact BPS and arrange a suitable time. BPS discourages growers from entering seed distribution plots without staff supervision.

2022 Seed Cane Prices Codes


Seed Cane Distribution Poster 

Variety Release Timeline

Seed Cane Planning Calculator

Demonstration: How To Use The Seed Cane Planning Calculator


These plot maps have been provided for information only.

 Whitsons Donga

Pioneer & Kalamia

Inkerman Weighbridge


Donga & Weighbridge 1



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