Burdekin Productivity Services
Burdekin Productivity Services

Pest Management

Common Pests

Cane Grub Management

Information on cane grubs is available from the following sites:

Cane Grub

Sugarcane Wireworm

Mostly found in paddocks that poorly drain or remain wet. Wireworms bore into the eyes of germinating billets or
ratooning stubble, or into the growing point of young shoots. 

Pig Management

Pig control information is available at these sites:

Groups of at least three people can apply for a pig shooting subsidy. To apply, complete the application form and submit it to the BPS office.

Damage mitigation permits are available from the EHP website.

Feral Pig

Rat Management

Information on rat management is available from the following sites:

If any rat baiting activities are undertaken, these need to be recorded by BPS staff to ensure ongoing registration of baiting products


Fall Armyworm

Information on FAW is available from the Sugar Research Australia link below:

If you have any suspicions please give the staff at BPS a call.

Information on other pests can be found here.

SRA Biosecurity Plan For the Sugar Cane Industry

Grower Tools

SRA Calibration of liquid insecticide applicators for canegrub management
Suscon Maxi Calibration Sheet
Calibration of Granular Insecticide Applicator

BPS Grower Services

  • Contact BPS to discuss pest damage and management options.
  • BPS staff can provide assistance calibrating insecticide applicators.

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