Burdekin Productivity Services
Burdekin Productivity Services

Core Business Services

Advice on all aspects of sugarcane production

  • Planting
  • Weed management
  • Disease management
  • Pest Management
  • Irrigation – test pH & conductivity of water
  • Fallow Management & Soil health
  • Pump efficiency including testing of pump flow rates and energy usage
  • Harvesting practice
  • Record keeping database
  • Productivity data maintenance, analysis, and reporting
  • Physically visit each grower once per year to collect crop data information to assist with identifying programs to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability
  • Produce other productivity/pest reports on demand

Pest & Disease management operations

  • Plant source inspection
  • Sampling for RSD
  • Maintain hot water treatment (HWT) and cold soak facilities
  • HWT plants for growers (where required)
  • Annual aerial survey for cane grub damage
  • Feral pig management via helicopter shoots
  • Rat damage monitoring
  • Machinery inspections and sterilisation of machinery and equipment

Variety distribution and information

Propagate stocks of advanced varieties and distribute to growers when they are released this is achieved via:

  • 1 Isolation plot (New Varieties)
  • 5 Mother plots (approx. 20 ha)
  • 6 Approved seed plots (approx. 70 ha)

Conduct trials to collect information on new varieties

  • BPS will trial new and emerging varieties in commercial sized strip trials
  • Data from these trials will be shared with SRA and growers through shed meetings and newsletters

Extension and agronomic services

  • Conduct grower information meetings at various sites throughout the district
  • On ground advice, reporting and liaison with research organisations
  • Arrange and conduct tours to view new varieties and innovations both locally and in other districts
  • Advice on farming systems management

Soil analysis and nutrient recommendation service

  • Collect and submit soils for analysis
  • Interpret results
  • Prepare, deliver and discuss recommendations
  • Maintain database of soil analysis data
  • NAA accredited analysis
  • Herbicide Recommendations

Irrigation advice

  • General irrigation advice
  • Scheduling of crop irrigations/irrigation planning
  • Water and EC testing
  • Pump efficiency
  • Soil moisture probes
  • IrrigWeb

Represent the Burdekin sugar industry at various meetings of industry and productivity services.


Burdekin Productivity Services